Calling all Makers of the Space Persuasion

astronaut in a cornfieldFriendly looking planet, eh?

Of course where stalks of corn stand tall in the sun, no space suit is needed. So the spice we keep looking for — so we can shake more and more into the simmering sauce of our collectively imagined future — is the next innovation coming from our efforts as hackers, makers, innovators and storytellers.

The Starship Makers meet through science and story together, in the pages of scientific literature, deep in the spines of fantasy novels, and ultimately in the minds of those with the courage and whimsy to expect great things from the unknown.

Where is your Maker Station? Whose mind are you melding? What invention has captured your imagination? How will we bring it together?

Meanwhile, who will make the first Space Pizza?

Greenhouse Pod for Space Food

Suzanna B. Stinnett

2 thoughts on “Calling all Makers of the Space Persuasion”

  1. We don’t know who stands within that protective suit. What does she/he/it breathe? Maybe oxygen is poisonous to it, since O2 is a vicious corrosive gas that it took life on our planet a billion years to grow accustomed to.
    What is it trying to conceal behind that opaque shield? What frightening mien hides there?
    Why is it hiding in a cornfield? It didn’t show up there alone. Where are its confederates?
    Is this really corn? Recent reports from the Edge tell of animal/plant symbionts that are green and leafy, yet move and attack swiftly.

    1. You see through a telling scope, yet your powers become evident in the telling. The corn, unveiled, may rise to dangerous heights under observation. Beware!

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